At Challenge Sandefjord you start your middel distance journey by jumping in the fjord, right outside the transition area. It´s 800m straight out, and then back, into the jetty where the spectators gives you a hearty welcome back. We recommend that you turn around at the last buoy and swim back, if you don´t want to swim to Denmark. The swim course gives your family and friends a great opportunity to follow you from you jump in to the fjord, to exit swim.

The two lap bike course takes you out of the city and straight into one of the HOT SPOTS on the course. Dølabakken (The DØLA hill) will give you an energy boost with spectators and music, before you set into the Norwegian countryside landscape. This rolling course will give you farmer landscapes, lakes and cheering spectators at the aid station at Kodal (where they have their own terrain triathlon named Gråtassen). From Kodal you will experience funny curves, curious farmers and parts where you can speed up, on your way over to Stokke. Just so you know, the first prime minister in Norway was from Stokke (Fredrik Stang 1808-1884). From Stokke you have 15km left on your way back to Sandefjord city. You will pass the historic “Gokstadhaugene” where one of the oldest Viking ships has been found in Norway. In this area you can run the risk of meeting crazy Norwegian Vikings before you speed up and head back to the city center, and turn back to lap 2, or dismount and get ready for the run. We have two aid stations for you on the bike course.

With your running shoes on, you will do a flat city run. It gives you 4 laps surrounded by spectators, narrow streets with cosy white houses in the center of Sandefjord. You pass the finish venue and the city park on all the rounds, and will feel the sense of pride, when you know you have made the challenge. We have two aid stations for you on the run course.

You finish your middle distance by entering the finish venue where you are cheered on to the finish line with music, spectators and a good atmosphere.

You have done your challenge!!

Cut off times middle distance
Challenge Middle Distance