GTC – GirlsTriClub

A girls triathlon network that can come together, learn, grow and share experiences!

In Sandefjord, a group of girls have started their own triathlon network. GTC_GirlsTriClub. Meet the three creative ladies who took the initiative to start a social network for women who are interested in triathlon. Experienced or not, every woman are welcome to join this social network. None of them have any previous triathlon experience, but then Challenge Family came to town, and their respective will compete. The purpose of the social network is to have a community for training and activity. Where knowledge and motivation are spread. They hope that a womens social network can encourage more girls to try triathlon, through a safe community. Triathlons don’t have to be long competitions. Supersprint is a good option for those who want to try it for the first time, or for those who want to finish quickly.

When we ask why they startet the network, the answer came fast.

“GTC-GirlsTriClub is a simple story of three friends who fell in love with the world of triathlon in November 2023. In a network driven by joy, togetherness and adventure, we discovered the unique sense of community and support that occurs when women come together. With little experience but unlimited passion, we set ourselves a goal: to create a space where women, from absolute beginners to seasoned athletes, can come together, learn, grow and share experiences. GTC shall be a place where fear is transformed into courage, where challenges are met with those of the community, and where each member finds space to shine. Through our commitment to training and gatherings, we want to inspire every woman to discover her inner triathlete, regardless of her starting point.”

The girls are active in recruiting for the group, and to motivate new ones to join, they have a competition on Women’s Day, where the prize is a slot for the super sprint competition at Challenge Sandefjord.

If you want to be a part of their community, you can find the girls on Instagram #GTC_GirlsTriClub or on Facebook