All children have a Right To Play

All children have the right to a safe place to play and learn!

We are exited to announce a collaboration with Right To Play. Right To Play is an international organization that uses play as a tool to protect, educate, and empower children in developing countries. Play is vital for children’s well-being, health, and development. In times of crisis and conflict, play provides space to process experiences and normalize everyday life. Play is also crucial for learning, resulting in more children attending school. When children participate in play, they gain better self-confidence and strengthened ability to exercise their rights. Right To Play operates in 15 countries, and each year 2.8 million children participate in our programs. Challenge Sandefjord supports the work of Right To Play and sees a clear synergy as both value and promote physical activity and learning at all levels.

In our own upbringing, most of us have had the opportunity to play and exercise in safe surroundings, say the Challenge Sandefjord race director, Olav Kyrre Fjeld. Perhaps that is what has given us the basis to play in Sandefjord, during the Sandefjord triathlon festival. Not all children in the world have had, or have, that freedom. Therefore, it makes sense for us to enter into a partnership with Right To Play, so they can continue their work helping children so that they have the opportunity to play in a safe environment. And maybe we’ll get more triathletes, and that would be an added bonus.

We hope you are willing to contribute a donation to Right To Play and be part of this initiative from Challenge Sandefjord to Right To Play.

All contributions, big or small, make a difference; support Right To Play’s work here: