226ERS deliver nutrition

226ERS deliver nutrition to Challenge Sandefjord

We are happy🥳 to announce the collaboration with the Spanish nutrition brand 226ERS. 226ERS is committed to developing the best products with the most natural ingredients and of the highest quality. Information on reducing or eliminating sugar, not using palm oil for ecological reasons and having gluten-free and vegan products, are part of the philosophy of the brand.


“From the very beginning we are a brand created by and for lovers of endurance sports.
This is the dream that continually drives us to improve and strive to get the best out of ourselves”.
Jesús Sánchez

All our aid stations will have energy drink, gel and bars from 226ERS🤩 That means, two on the bike course and two on the run course. As many have experienced😳, it is smart to test what you plan to use during competition.

226ERS have made up a test package for you with a serious discount🙏 Use this link, and order you test package today!

Some 226ERS products carry the Cologne List seal, the world’s first and largest doping prevention platform for nutritional supplements.
Cologne List only includes products that have undergone rigorous testing to verify through testing and labelling verification that the manufacturers do not use prohibited substances on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) list in their products.