Challenge Sandefjord takes its environment seriously

Challenge Sandefjord takes its environment seriously

At Challenge Sandefjord, we have said through our sustainability plan (which you can find here) that we will take actions to help reduce climate emissions.

Challenge Sandefjord wants to map the emissions we have in connection with the triathlon festival 24-25 August. We want to improve gradually year by year, and see the effect of the measures we have implemented. Initially, we will focus on transport, food and drink, accommodation and purchasing.

By measuring activities in connection with our events, we gain the necessary insight into their emissions, including the effect of the measures they implement.
In this way, they can lay out a good strategy for the way forward and contribute to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

We believe that the trend in the sponsorship market has turned towards sponsors becoming more concerned with sustainability reporting, and we see it as important to accommodate this so that Challenge Sandefjord is an attractive partner.

Challenge Sandefjord has entered into an agreement with the Green Producers Club. It gives us the opportunity to use their calculator, the Green Producers Tool, to calculate the actual climate footprint of the event.

The Green Producers Club is a climate initiative and a knowledge hub for several industries within the cultural sector, and facilitates the exchange of experience and expertise between users of the Green Producers Tool. The aim is to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, and that the combination of the Green Producers Tool and Club will lead to industry-wide sustainability standards and best green practices.

Mads Astrup Rønning, founder of Green Producers Club says

“We see that sport is taking on an increasingly greater responsibility, and is becoming more concrete in its climate work. This is good.
Bringing the triathlon organizer Challenge Sandefjord into the Green Producers Club is great fun and proof that the sport is undergoing a green transition”

The Green Producers Tool is a research-based climate tool that measures and facilitates the reduction of CO2 equivalents. The tool contains approximately 2,000 LCA-based emission factors. All research is carried out by Cicero – Center for Climate Research. GPT is tailored for several industries, such as film and TV, festivals, events, sports and the performing arts. We have ongoing projects to adapt GPT to art exhibitions and museums.

Project partners: Cicero, Øyafestivalen, Nordisk Film Produksjon NO/DK/SE, Danish music festivals TinderBox and NorthSide, Iceland Airwaves, Nordisk Hus Iceland and the Faroe Islands, All Things Content (FI), the National Museum of Norway and the Norwegian Ski Association.

We hope that everybody who plan to come to Sandefjord take a step back, and think about what the most sustainable way of traveling to Challenge Sandefjord is!