Challenge Family holds great respect to all athletes racing in one or more of our events around the globe. For a large part we are happy with the contribution that the PRO athletes make to the sport of triathlon and Challenge Family is proud to be the stage in which the PRO athletes can perform to their best of their capabilities.

In order to race as a PRO in a Challenge Family Event, the athlete needs to apply for and hold a professional membership with Challenge Family. To get a PRO license at Challenge, you have to have a PRO license in your national federation (Norges Triatlonforbund for Norwegian participants). When you have received this, you have to send you national pro license to: for Challenge Family approval.

NB to Norwegian athletes: If you held a Challenge Family pro license, you can start in the National Championship. The pro race and the National Championship will start together.

After this it is up to the individual Challenge race organizer to agree with the PRO athlete on additional services and entry procedures. You will automatically be eligible to receive the following entry benefits for the Challenge middle distance event in Sandefjord:

  • Free entry for athletes ranked 1-250 in the PTO World Ranking
  • 50% of entry fee for athletes ranked from 251 – 400 in the PTO World Ranking
  • 20% of entry fee for athletes ranked from 401 in the PTO World Ranking

To receive the discount in Sandefjord you must send us an e-mail to, and we will return your discount code.

You can apply for a Challenge PRO license here:

If you have any question regarding your start in Sandefjord, please send an e-mail to our local pro- contact:

We hope to see you in Sandefjord!

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