Find your swimming trunks, find your bike or find your trainers, and find two colleagues who can take part in the Supersprint relay together with you. This is easy! One swims 375m, one cycles 8.3km in the city centre, and one runs 2.5km. Challenge your colleagues, challenge other departments in your company or challenge another company/customer!

This will be the funnest activity of the year together with your colleagues. You hardly need to train to take part in this. Just a little (it’s a good idea).

This is how it works: The swimmer starts with the timing chip, in transition the swimmer gives the timing chip to the biker, and after the bike leg, the biker gives the timing chip to the runner. And then you will meet your team mate at the finish line for the team celebration. It cant be more fun than this!

We look forward to seeing you in Sandefjord for this year’s happening!

JOTUN Supersprint Company Relay